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The state of recruitment process outsourcing in 2015

Outsourcing recruitment process is a trend that is being practiced for many decades now and although large corporations used to fill up junior to middle management posts through RPO, now the trend is changing.

Filling up key posts
Tapping a key talent who can take control of a very responsible job profile in the highest tier of the organisation, through RPO is a contemporary trend and recruitment agencies that have multi-country network are being preferred.
It becomes easier for the HR heads to work with the agencies that have a multi-country job force database so that they can send recommendations for any post at any location.

Off-shore team setting
There are RPO companies who are multinational organisations themselves and there’s no wonder that MNCs are most likely to hire them. Many a times, they hire not only to fill up in-house posts but also to set up off-shore teams.
This approach does slash down management costs and considering the contemporary developments in IT, all those highly efficient cloud IT solutions for the enterprises, companies can save a lot by embracing this trend.

Talent acquisition and cultural fit issues
There is a difference between average recruitment and talent acquisition. The latter is a challenge for both the agencies and employers. Sometimes, even if the candidates are found to be up to the mark, as per their job experience and expertise profiles, they may not turn out to be a cultural fit to the organisation.
That is the trickiest aspect of any recruitment and when the posts to be filled in lies in the highest tier of the company the challenge becomes greater.

Rise of the independent professionals
In 2015, certain trends have aggravated the challenges of quality recruitment. Shift to a flexible or contractual employment mode and the rise of independent professionals is one of the reasons that are posing challenges in filling up key posts.
A major percentage of highest skilled professionals are either venturing into their own projects or preferring to work as highest-paid consultants. Now this trend is going to be continued and recruitment outsourcing is the only way to address the issue.
It’s rather easy for a recruitment company to filter out the right people, seeking opportunities to climb up the ladder.

If you want more inputs on this issue, please contact us anytime and learn how we can help you recruit the right people in your organisation.

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